SolidWorks vs AutoCAD

You’ll come across many people who compare Solidworks vs AutoCAD but the truth is both of the software have their own benefits as well as disadvantages. Solidworks vs AutoCAD are similar tools that are used to design engineering projects and do extensive measurements. In the old days people used to do these kinds of measurements manually and this process was really time-consuming. With the help of using tools like Solidworks and AutoCAD it has become easier for engineers and professionals to make such measurements. Both the tools might be similar but they provide distinctive features that sometimes make it hard to choose the one between the two.

Both Solidworks and AutoCAD are extremely compatible with Industrial and mechanical work and equipment. When you are using Solidworks you will be able to design 3D projects with great ease and professionalism. The quality of your work will be excellent. On the other hand when you use AutoCAD it is mostly linked to 2D projects. Both of these tools have their own advantages but it is up to the user to decide their needs and the type of tool that fits perfectly according to their work. In this article you will get in-depth detail related to Solidworks vs AutoCAD which will greatly help you decide which tool is the best for you.

SolidWorks vs AutoCAD

SolidWorks: Best tool for 3D projects

Solidworks was initially discovered in 1995. This amazing tool uses the best engineering tools that help you design engineering projects with great efficiency using CAD features. These engineering features include holes, slots, bosses, etc. The ideal candidates for using Solidworks are those who want to design 3D models. You can also do the 2D drawing but this feature is more advanced in AutoCAD. AutoCAD has the best 2D drafting.

Main features of SolidWorks

Solidworks is one of the best tools for designing engineering projects or models. Its core feature is its 3D solid modeling which is the best for designing 3D models. Other features of Solidworks include 2D drawing, automation, professional surfacing, metal stimulation, interference elimination.

Why use SolidWorks?

The main use of Solidworks is for engineering purposes. You can design models and engineering projects with the help of Solidworks. It is vastly used to test designs before applying them in real life. It could be testing stress when there is high traffic at the signal or train moving on the train track. You will also be able to check the prototypes before investing material in projects.

When it comes to the professional use of Solidworks you will see Mechanical Engineers using Solidworks for testing prototypes. This also includes computer hardware design and mechanical design that is required in industries for mechanical work. Another very important use of Solidworks is for designing medical machinery and devices. Solidworks has great uses in the medical profession and it has helped design many useful types of machinery. Aerospace engineers also use Solidworks for testing their designs before applying them to the real world. Solidworks also has great uses in the mining industry.

Compatibility: Solidworks is highly compatible with Windows.

Benefits of using SolidWorks

Due to countless useful features Solidworks has been a very popular engineering tool that has been used by millions of people to design their engineering models. The tool is upgraded consistently to make the animations seem as realistic as possible.

  • Bits of help make the best designs models: the best part about using Solidworks is that it helps design the most professional models. For walks, you want to make a rocker design then with the help of Solidworks you will be able to make the closest to reality designs that will help you with your real-life project testings as well. With Solidworks you will be able to professionally design your models. It includes time-based motion, high stimulations, linear time-based motion. When you upgrade to Solidworks professional version you will be able to customize your designs with variety of different options. This includes mechanical resistance, design optimization, topology, stimulations, design testing. The Premium version of Solidworks also helps make the design dynamic.
  • Best for individuals who prefer a touchscreen: there are many people who prefer using a touchscreen. The best part about the latest version of Solidworks is that you can use it on the touchscreen as well. This will help you formulate the designs with greater ease. You will be able to sketch the designs using the touchscreen.
  • Helps in the assessment of designs: when you are using Solidworks you will be able to know how long it will take to formality a particular design and apply it in real life. Solidworks will also help you estimate the possible issues that might occur with the design and how you can fix it.
  • Customer support: another great thing about using Solidworks is that they are seriously concerned about their customer service and support. Whenever there is an update about the software you will be timely informed about it. This helps keep the users updated with the latest version of Solidworks.

Cons of using SolidWorks

No doubt Solidworks is a very effective tool for designing 3D models but it has some disadvantages as well. These are mentioned in detail as follows:

  • A little expensive: when you are using Solidworks it will cost you money especially if you want to upgrade to a premium version. You will also have to get the license to use Solidworks.
  • Only works on Windows: Another drawback of Solidworks is that it only works best on Windows computers and doesn’t work on Mac.

AutoCAD: Best choice for 2D CAD

AutoCAD is the best software for 2D animations and designs. You will be able to do professional 2D drawings by using AutoCAD. AutoCAD provides both 3D and 2D design features but users mostly use it for 2D drawings.

Main features of AutoCAD

AutoCAD contains a vast number of 2D design tools. It also provides language options and extended versions of file compatible software. With AutoCAD you will be able to have the most extended versions of 2D tools.

Why use AutoCAD?

Most of the people who use AutoCAD are those who belong to the engineering fields and architectural design. Mostly electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and designers use AutoCAD. The most extended use of AutoCAD is seen among the Electrical engineers. The variety of 2D tools provided by AutoCAD help architects to formulate the perfect architectural design of buildings and houses. This saves a lot of time and you can easily implement these designs in real life. Designers mostly use AutoCAD for deciding logos and detailed 2D designs.

Compatibility: AutoCAD is the most compatible with Windows and Mac.

Benefits of using AutoCAD

There are a number of reasons why it is better to use AutoCAD than other software tools. It contains many 2D tools that help you formulate the best designs for your project. It provides the following benefits:

  • Creative tool: if you are looking for a creative tool to work on then AutoCAD is the best choice for you. Not only that you will be able to edit your work but also it will help you design geometrical work in the best way possible. These tools provide users with enlightened options to do their 2D projects perfectly.
  • Best of electrical work: if you are an electrical engineer then using the AutoCAD is the best choice for you to do your electrical work-related projects. Not only that it helps you design different electronic projects but also the engineering tools will help you formulate the best electrical system.
  • Best choice for students and teachers: when it comes to the price you don’t have to worry about it as AutoCAD is not expensive when you compare it with Solidworks. Also if you are a student or a teacher who wants to study using AutoCAD then you are lucky enough because AutoCAD provides the free educational licenses to students as well as teachers. This will help you study AutoCAD and different 2D tools that it provides before you start practical work.
  • Storage: if you want to store your AutoCAD work somewhere else then you don’t have to worry about it because you can easily store it using Cloud storage. In case your computer gets stuck or faces any other problem then you don’t have to worry about anything because with AutoCAD you will be able to back up your work with Cloud storage.

Cons of using AutoCAD

  • Isn’t cheap: like Solidworks, AutoCAD is not free software or a cheap one to use. You will have to spend a good amount of money to be able to use it.
  • Not easy to learn: when it comes to learning AutoCAD you must keep this in mind that it is not easy to learn or understand using AutoCAD and it’s 2D tools.

Final words

If you are someone who is more inclined towards 3D projects and models then Solidworks is the best choice for you. However when it comes to doing 2D drawings and designs you must go for AutoCAD. Both tools are great for engineering work.