How to Clean a Projector Lens?

How to Clean a Projector Lens

If you have a projector lens and it is slowly getting covered with dust then you don’t have to worry about it because in this article you will find ways through which you will be able to clean your projector lens perfectly. When you don’t use a projector lens it can get covered with dust … Read more

How To Install Outdoor TV Antenna?

How To Install Outdoor TV Antenna

In this day and age you will see people who prefer watching their favorite shows on the computer or laptop but none of them can beat the pleasure one gets by watching his/her favorite show on the TV. Whether it’s a sports match or your favorite movie TV makes it more fun to watch it … Read more

SolidWorks vs AutoCAD

SolidWorks vs AutoCAD

You’ll come across many people who compare Solidworks vs AutoCAD but the truth is both of the software have their own benefits as well as disadvantages. Solidworks vs AutoCAD are similar tools that are used to design engineering projects and do extensive measurements. In the old days people used to do these kinds of measurements … Read more

Where To Place Subwoofer with Soundbar?

Where To Place Subwoofer with Soundbar

Soundbars are compact speakers that are placed in your house near the TV. The purpose of soundbars is to improve the audio quality of your TV. If you have a small TV then most likely it will have average sound quality. This is where soundbars become very useful. Not only that the soundbars increase the … Read more