Best Monitors For Reading Documents

If you have to spend most of your time reading documents in front of the laptop screen all the desktop monitor that it is highly recommended for you to go through this article because it will provide you with the most helpful and well researched list on reliable and widely sold monitors for reading documents.

A high-quality monitor or a desktop monitor will help ensure that your eyes are safe from any type of strain when you read your assignments, documents, or any other type of study material from the monitor screen. Not only that this will help you do your study for long hours but also you will feel less tired at the end of your study session which is the reason why the majority of the users have greatly benefit from reading this article.

The most ideal features to look for in a monitor for reading documents

It is crucial to make sure that the monitor you are getting consists of the following necessary features:


One of the most important features to check in a high-quality monitor is the resolution. The resolution again depends upon the size of the monitor. If you are getting a 24 inch monitor then you should go with a resolution of 1920 X1080. This will help provide a full HD display to the users. However, if you are going for a 27 inches model then you should choose a resolution of 2560X1440. This will help provide you a crystal clear and sharp image on the screen.

Size of the monitor:

Another important feature to check in the monitor is its size. Many people prefer a large sized monitor but also you will come across users who prefer a small sized or medium sized monitor.
The most ideal size of the monitor is 24 inches and 27 inches. There are people who prefer a size even bigger than that. However, most of the monitors come in sizes ranging from 20 inches to 49 inches.

Eye protection:

This is one of those features that most users ignore. You must make sure that the monitor you are getting provides the best eye protection so that it doesn’t cause any eye fatigue or damage to your eyes even if you are sitting in front of the monitor for long hours continuously. It will help you do your work in the best way possible. Most of the users prefer an IPS or OLED display.


It is important to make sure that the monitor you are getting comes with adjustable brightness so that you can easily do your work or any other activity using this monitor. You should always look for getting a monitor that provides high brightness so that you can easily use this monitor even in the daytime as well.

Best Monitors For Reading Documents

5 Best Monitors For Reading Documents 2023

Following is a list of the best monitors for reading documents in 2023:

1. BenQ GW2480

Best Monitor For Document Reading


One of the most high-quality monitors for reading documents is the BenQ GW2480 monitor. This monitor is widely used for high-quality performance that makes it a lot easier for the user to do their work. Fortunately, this monitor provides an IPS display that is very responsive with a speed of 5 milliseconds so that you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite movie or play your favorite game in the best way possible.

It provides an overclock speed of 75 Hz which provides great clarity to the users. When you get this monitor you will be able to enjoy its 178° wide viewing angle display with the most stunning color accuracy.

Active intelligence brightness technology helps boost image quality. This is a very unique feature that is hard to find in other monitors which is why it is highly recommended to get this monitor for reading documents or doing any other type of work. It weighs 8.40 lbs.


  • The BenQ monitor provides the most stunning image quality which is incomparable to any other monitor.
  • The user will get a large sized display with ultra wide viewing angles that makes it more fun to do gaming on this monitor.
  • The response time is super fast which is another ideal feature for professional gaming.


  • The monitor provides restricted tilting which means you will only be able to use this monitor from a certain angle.

2. Samsung Business S22R350FHN

Best Monitor For Reading Documents


Another premium quality monitor that is available in the market is the Samsung business S22R350FHN monitor. One of the most stunning features of this monitor is that it comes in a very attractive design with bright ultra slim bezels. This feature is hard to find in other types of monitors which is why getting a Samsung business monitor is an ideal choice for professional usage.

Apart from the aesthetics, the performance provided by this monitor is also very amazing. This is one of the few Budget friendly monitors That provide high-quality performance to the users.

The Samsung monitor comes with a refresh rate of 75 Hz and provides a brilliant display with wide viewing angles. It provides IPS panel and Flickr free technology. The usual will be able to spend hours in front of the monitor without any eye fatigue.

It provides a 22 inch screen which is suitable enough for the majority of the users to do their work. The screen can easily be tilted and adjusted according to the users’ needs which is why this monitor is a bestseller in the market. It provides the easiest installation. However, the number of ports on this monitor is limited.


  • The Samsung monitor provides a high-quality display with stunning sharp image quality.
  • It is among the few monitors that provide professional performance to its users at a budget friendly price.
  • It provides an aesthetically pleasing design to its users which is very attractive and luxurious.
  • This monitor provides easy installation and can easily be tilted in any direction which makes it more convenient for the user to do their respective tasks using this monitor.


  • It provides limited connectivity ports and doesn’t provide the HDMI ports and the VGA ports.


Best Computer Monitor For Reading Documents


If you are looking for a monitor that provides maximum flexibility to its users in terms of connectivity tell your choice should be the ASUS PA278QV monitor. Most professional content creators use this monitor for their work because of the unique features that make it more convenient for the user to finish their tasks.

They provide an ultraviolet IPS display with the best viewing angles. The color accuracy on this device is stunning. The SRGB color accuracy along with a response time of 5 milliseconds makes this monitor a great choice for personal and professional usage.

It provides a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Another striking feature of this monitor is its brightness with 315 lumens with flicker free technology. These features collectively make this monitor an ideal choice for content creators.

It also provides multiple connectivity ports including the USB ports, headphone jack, display port, HDMI ports, and DVD ports. It provides a premium quality display to its users. Most of the monitors do not fulfill the aesthetic requirements of the users which is why it is highly recommended to buy this premium quality ASUS monitor.

It is designed such that the screen can easily be rotated up to 90°. It comes with a stunning aluminum finish and you can easily adjust the screen of this monitor according to your needs. The height is also easily adjustable on this monitor.


  • The color accuracy is stunning on this monitor. This feature greatly helps the user to do their work easier especially when it comes to designing and gaming.
  • This monitor is very easy to install and the height can easily be adjusted which is rare to find another type of monitors for reading the document.
  • It provides a great variety of connectivity ports so that you can easily connect other devices with your monitor for work purposes or any other activity.


  • It comes with poor quality built in speakers that contribute to providing a very average quality sound which is why the user will have to connect an external speaker with this monitor.

4. Acer R240HY

Best Computer Monitor For Reading Text


If you are in search of a monitor that provides the best viewing angles and a widescreen display then your choice should be the Acer R240HY monitor. It makes it a lot easier for the user to do their work and edit their documents or assignments easily by looking at the large monitor’s screen.

It is one of the few budget friendly monitors that provide a 24 inches IPS display with the best viewing angles so that it makes it a lot more fun for the user to do their work. The color accuracy is unbeatable on this monitor.

One of the most stunning features of this monitor is that its brightness can be increased up to 15% and is completely adjustable. It is a great feature if you have to work on this monitor during the night time.

It comes with a luxurious and attractive design and the best part about the design is the ultra thin bezels. It provides an IPS Panel that you will get to enjoy along with wide viewing angles and tilt the screen in any direction you want to for your work.

It also provides a stunning display with a 4K resolution. It is an ideal feature for gaming purposes, watching movies, or doing any type of work related to content creating.


  • It is a very affordable monitor that provides high quality performance and saves your money at the same time.
  • The color accuracy and grayscale are exceptionally good and helps contribute to providing a premium quality display that is an ideal choice for gaming purposes and professional work.


  • It provides a limited number of ports that are mostly outdated and haven’t been upgraded which is a major drawback of using this monitor.

5. ViewSonic VP3881

Best Monitor For Reading Text


The view sonic monitor is a panoramic monitor that provides a stunning display with vivid colors. Its curved design makes it convenient for the user to do work on this monitor from any angle or position that makes it more comfortable for the user.

It provides the most premium color accuracy with a small pallet of 4.39 trillion colors that are easily captured by this monitor. This feature is hard to find another type of monitor which is why it is a very useful investment for long-term purposes.

As far as the connectivity is concerned you will be provided with multiple connectivity ports including the USB type C port, HDMI port, display port, audio input, and other connectivity ports for laptops, PC, and Mac operating systems.

It provides the most ideal screen size of 38 inches. It is slightly curved and comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It provides a screen resolution of 3840X1600 pixels.


  • It comes with a large screen with a premium curved design that makes it a very attractive choice for gamers, content creators, or anyone who wants a high end monitor for personal usage.
  • The color accuracy and picture quality is stunning on this monitor which makes it a great choice for video editing as well.
  • This ViewSonic monitor comes with a nice built and aesthetically pleasing design that makes it an attractive choice for the users.


  • The sound quality is very average and makes it less entertaining to use this monitor for watching movies, gaming purposes or video editing.

Final words

If you are someone who is looking for a high end and professional quality monitor for work purposes then your choice would be to go through this article because it will provide you access to the most reliable monitors for reading documents. This is the main reason why many users have considered reading this article very helpful for research purposes and you will surely benefit from it in fulfilling your work requirements.

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